Anticlastic Writeup
Tropical J’s does not manufacture or install 3 point shade sails. For smaller shade sails, the cost for us to only bring the fabric in is usually higher than what you can get finished products for off Amazon and they can be a simple and fun DIY.

Tropical J’s will design, manufacture and install anticlastic fabrics. Anticlastic is defined as having opposite curvatures at a given point specifically. The classic shape of this is a saddle. By having a surface that is being pulled in opposing directions, you can get a very stable fabric structure even at very large sizes. We achieve an anticlastic state usually by having at least 4 points to a fabric, with 2 points being up and two points being down. This pulls the fabric in opposing directions and locks it in place. In this state, we can actually run engineering on the fabric and get it to meet wind load requirements. This is a great article about anticlastic systems

3 point shades are essentially a flat panel, a single plane, and because of this they can have lots of movement because no matter how tight you stretch the fabric, you are in a single plane. A guitar string is also in a single plane and no matter how tight you tension it, (up until the point it breaks) you can pluck it and it will move. These systems

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